Musculoskeletal diseases (MSD) are common and disabling, and if not treated properly, they generate huge economic losses for the national economies. These diseases are the leading cause of the disability in the modern societies, and it is estimated they comprise more than half of all chronic problems in the developed world. Socioeconomic impact of MSD is enormous, and it is estimated that indirect losses caused by the absence from work can reach up to 7% of GDP (Gross Domestic Product). Data from the US National Center for Health Statistics show that the average number of patient visits during one year has risen 28% in the last 20 years. On the other hand modern orthopaedic surgery has means to deal with most of these problems, and prevent development of chronic disabling problems in patients. Development of arthroscopy and minimally-invasive surgery, progress in application of new implants and materials, as well as new insights into regenerative medicine and tissue engineering represent powerful armamentarium in the hand of modern orthopaedic surgeon. However, such a broad spectrum of choices opens many new questions. When to choose particular method? Which implant should I use? Is my patient too old for ACL reconstruction; is my patient too young for total knee?

Due to all these reasons, Croatian Orthopaedic Society in cooperation with Slovenian Orthopaedic Soceity has decided to start with series of meetings termed “Orthopaedic surgery À la Carte“, which symbolically describes philosophy of new, highly individualized orthopaedic surgery, with main premise of choosing the optimal method for the patient from the menu. Therefore, it is our pleasure to invite you to join us in PoreË  from Ocober 25th to 27th at Autumn Meeting of the Croatian Orthopaedic Society with a main topic about knee joint. Reknown faculty from Croatia and Slovenia will introduce with basics of knee anatomy, clinical examination, scoring systems and imaging techniques. Afterwards we will be discussing new insights into meniscus, cartilage and ligament biosurgery, and the final session will bring new developments in knee artrhoplasty field. In the halftime we are preparing workshops and lectures in cooperation with industry partners. For the very end we would kindly like to invite you to present your dificult cases and dilemmas during the panel discussion.

Once again, on behalf of your Croatian hosts, we welcome you with the conviction that our Meeting will prove to be the place to revive old and form new friendships, and with the hope that you will find it stimulating, informative and a pleasure.

See you in Istria!



President of the Croatian Orthopaedic Society


President of the Slovenian Orthopaedic Society

DAMIR HUDETZ / Orthopaedics à la carte Project Leader

ALAN IVKOVIĆ / Knee à la carte Meeting Coordinator